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Report from JJIF Referees - 2012


Another year have past by and in the referee world there have been a lot of activities…
We have a good co-operation among referee instructors and a lot of them have been around in the
I am very happy to work with so good and understanding people as I do…
This report have 6 special reports insite and behind each activity is an lot of hours of work but also
enthusiasm, knowledge and a big pasion to the sport!
I will let the report speak for them self!
In my report I have gather reports from:
– Pan American Union
– J.J.E.U. Referee Committee Activity Report
– Open Balkan Championship referee report
– The referee course in Singapore, organized by the Ju-Jitsu Association of Singapore
– JJIF Referee course, Iran, Tehran 10th to 13th September 2012
– JJIF Summer Camp, Saint Raphael France
– Ju Jitsu Pan American Union - Unión Panamericana de Jiu Jitsu

Activities of the JJPAU Referee Committee in 2012 have included:
A Continental Referee Course with examination, held in Uruguay on June 28-30, with 12 participants from 6 countries. Special features were: an on-line Theory Course, held before the actual Seminar; and an instructive session for the Ne- waza System.
Graduates were: 1 World B, 1 Continental A, and 7 Continental B Referees. A report is available at JJIF’s website.
An improved description of the JJIF competition rules for the Ne-waza System has been prepared in Spanish and was validated
as an official JJPAU document. On request this document is available at the JJPAU Secretariat.

Active Referees
JJPAU registers include the following active JJIF referees among its current members and the USA:

Number Level Formal JJPAU members USA
2 World A  Theo Roncken (Bolivia) Michael Piaser
4 World B Mariano Miraldi (Uruguay) *
Wilson Alzate (Colombia) *
Alfredo Sánchez (Mexico) *
Joe Santocildes *
5 Continental A Gregory Vallarino (Uruguay) *
Adolfo Trejo (Mexico) *
Javier Muñoz (Colombia) *
Sarah Stanton *
José Dominguez
19 Continental B Fernando DeGregorio (Uruguay) ■
Oscar Guerra (Uruguay) ■
Maximo Arias (Chile) ■
Carlos Danilo Viveros (Bolivia) *
Ricardo Aguirre (Argentina)
Nicolás Urbandt (Argentina)
Juan Pablo Vietri (Argentina)
Ariel Ramirez (Cuba)
Guillermo Maure de Haro (Cuba)
Mayren Fuentes (Cuba)
Hernán González (Cuba)
Jim Caldwell *
James Ragan *
Sam Brangman Jr. *
Michael Antonides *
Eddie Marcus *
Scott Long *
Kenneth Baker *
Leonard Settles *


NOTES: Referees market with (*) may take their exam for graduation to the next level in 2013. Referees marked with (■) must update their current referee status during 2013.

J.J.E.U. Referee Committee Activity Report
from May 1st 2011 till May 1st 2012.

Dear Ju-Jitsu friends,
Feedback at last year.
The number of activities last year were much more than in the previous year !
We were active by 18 referee activities.

•European Championships Maribor, Slovenia, June 3rd – 6th , 2011
Referee Course and evaluation of the International Referees

•J.J.E.U. Referee Course Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska (Federation Bosnia and
Herzogovina, Vidovdanski Tournament), June 23rd – 26th , 2011

•J.J.I.F. Summer Camp, Lignano, Italy, July 31st – August 6th , 2011
J.J.I.F./J.J.E.U. Referee Course, August 3rd – August 5th, 2011

•Swedish Open, Malmö, Sweden, September 17th – 18th, 2011

•J.J.E.U. Referee Course Larnaca, Cyprus, September 22th - 25th , 2011

•8e Balkan Open Championship, Larnaca, Cyprus, September 24th - 25th , 2011
Evaluation of the International Referees

•E.C.C. Tournament, German Open, Hanau, Germany, October 1st – 2nd , 2011
Evaluation of the international Referees

•World Championships, Cali, Colombia, October 15th – 16th , 2011
Evaluation of the international Referees

•E.C.C. Tournament, Slovenia Open, Dobova, Slovenia, October 29th, 2011
Evaluation of the international Referees

•World Championships Aspirants and Juniors, Ghent, Belgium, November 11th – 13th , 2011
Evaluation of the international Referees

•Mediterrean Open, Madrid, Spain, December 10th, 2011
Evaluation of the international Referees

•J.J.I.F. Winter Camp, Bansko, Bulgaria, Januari 24th – 29th , 2012

•European Open Championship, Hanau, Germany, March 24th , 2012
Evaluation of the International Referees

•J.J.E.U. Referee Course, Paris, France, April 27th – 29th , 2012

•E.C.C. Paris Open Tournament, Paris, France, April 28th - 29th, 2012
Evaluation of the international Referees

Of all above mentioned Tournaments/Referee Courses a report was made up.
(soon the Paris Referee Course and Tournament, April 2012, will follow)

Finally we would like to mention that the above activities were able due to the excellent help and effort of Henrik Sandberg (Denmark) and Ralf Pfeifer (Germany), respective Director and Member of the
J.J.I.F. Referee Committee and the evaluators : Linus Bruhin (Switzerland) - Peter Smid (The Netherlands) - Stan Preskar
(Slovenia) - Cory Vacarenco (Romania) and Dimitris Georgantidis (Greece)

On behalf of the J.J.E.U. Referee Committee, which consist of:
Ueli Zürcher (Switzerland) - Ronald Bartens (Germany) - Martin Jazbec (Slovenia) -
Stéphane Bourumeau (France) - Roel van Ravens (The Netherlands)

I would like to thank you very much for your attention.
Roel van Ravens
Director J.J.E.U. Referee Committee


9th Open Balkan Championship referee report

Dear Mr. Van Ravens, dear Colleagues,
On the 13th-14th of October 2012, the 9th Open Balkan Championship was held in Bucharest Romania, under the auspices of the EJJU and  the JJIF.
17 countries participated with 489 athletes.

The referee seminar took place in a big hall of the official hotel in 4 periods:
Thursday the 11th, evening
Friday the 12th, morning, noon and evening.

The referee seminar was held by Mr. Cory Vacarenco (WA) BJJF Referee Director and Mr. Dimitri Georgantidis (WA) JJAFU Referee Director.
Mr. Konstantinos Kazakos (WA) was planned to be the JJIF Referee expert but he was late on Friday night due to professional reasons.
Therefore it was agreed by the Head Referees, the JJIF Sport Director Mr. Joachim Thumfart and the JJIF President Mr. Panagiotis
Theodoropoulos, that Mr. Christian Horvath (WB) would be the JJIF Referee expert for the referee seminar.
Both Mr. Kazakos and Mr. Horvath would act as JJIF Referee experts the next 2 days during the championship.
During the seminar the rules of Fighting, Duo and Ne waza Systems were analyzed in practice.
In the evening of Friday the theoretical tests for Continental B license took place in the same room.
On Friday evening, in co-operation with the JJIF IT expert and the organizers, the program of the fights was modified, since many delegations had to depart on Sunday morning and we would have a lack of referees. Also it was arranged that all the finals of the Challenge Cup would be done at the end of the day while the finals of all the other categories would be done in continuation of the fights.
On Saturday the Challenge Cup of the 9th Open Balkan Championship began a little later than it was scheduled. 5 tatamis were functioned  in full capacity of Referees and Secretaries. There ware 3 tatamis for Fighting, 1 for Duo and 1 for Ne waza.
At this point I must mention and thank Mr. Said Toufouti from France, a Ne waza Referee expert, who came with the French team, for   assisting and giving score to those who refereed in Ne waza.
As I mentioned before, all tatamis, including Duo, had full capacity of Referees, plus 1 more referee in each tatami for the rotation.
The event was coordinated by Mr. Vacarenco, Mr. Georgantidis, Mr Kazakos and Mr. Horvath. We were all the time around the tatamis giving solutions to any problem that occurred.
We had some minor differences in the Duo scoring at the beginning of the tournament but we immediately called the Juries, had a 5 minutes talk and the problem was solved. Finally we had no complaints from the coaches.
The finals of the Challenge Cup began at 19:30 and finished at 21.30 including the ceremonies.
The 2nd day, on Sunday, things were a little different. As I mentioned before, some teams left including their referees. So we had to close 1 tatami. The rest were functioning with full capacity of referees but with no one spare until the Duo tatami was finished.
After the Duo was finished we re-organized the referees and we had 3 spare referees for the rotation.
Nevertheless all referees were quite tired since they were refereeing for too many hours on Saturday resulting to some false decisions. Once we realized the problem, Mr. Vacarenco, Mr. Georgantidis, Mr. Kazakos and Mr. Horvath, took over all the tatamis as Head Referees and the fights continued without any problems.
The 9th Open Balkan Ju-Jitsu Championship was over at 18:30 including the ceremonies.
Minor problems didn’t spoil the good image of the championship. The complaints by the coaches were rare and minors as well as the 9 injuries.

9 Referees in total were tested for Continental B license and the Ne waza recommendation.

3 are proposed for Continental B license
Paul Frasina (ROM), Ionut Dobre (ROM), George Andreou (CYP)

1 is proposed for Regional license since his score was very close to the base Vasile Hoble (ROM)

3 referees are proposed by Mr. Toufouti for the Ne waza referee license
Dimitri Georgantidis (GRE), Konstantinos Kazakos (GRE), Konstantinos Drougas (GRE)

3 referees passed the theoretical Ne waza test but didn’t give the practical
Andreas Fotiou (CYP), Paul Frasina (ROM), Valise Hoble (ROM)

Some financial problems with the participation fees will be solved within the next few days.
A short meeting took place in the stadium on Sunday noon, between the Head Referees, the JJIF President Mr. Theodoropoulos and the JJIF Sport Director Mr. Joe Thumfart. The subject of the meeting was the Turkish team. The final agreement was to recommend the 3 Turkish persons for Regional-level certificate, provided that they will organize a National Referee seminar and a small tournament in Turkey, under the auspices of the Balkan Referee Committee.
Finally, Mr. Martin Mateev from Bulgaria has completed 3 official events within 2 years (8th Balkan in Cyprus 2011, European Championship in Genoa 2012, 9th Balkan in Romania 2012) taking more than 7 points of score and therefore is recommended for Continental A license.
This is the Referee report of the 9th Open Balkan Ju-Jistu 2012.

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Cory Vacarenco or Mr. Dimitri Georgantidis


JJIF Referee course
Singapore, August 26th – September 2nd, 2012

Constantin Cory Vacarenco, World A, Balkan Head Referee
Dana Murgescu, World B
Joachim Thumfart, JJIF Sport Director - expert

The course in Singapore, organized by the Ju-Jitsu Association of Singapore, with the help of the JJIF, was taught in a Summer Camp-type of format, with theoretical and practical courses in Duo, Fighting and Ne-Waza throughout one week.
The theoretical classes were taught in a special room, with video-projector and proper studying conditions. The Power Point presentation was provided by the JJIF Referee Committee.
The practical classes were taught in Tangling Dojo Singapore, the “home” of Ju-Jitsu Association of Singapore.
25 referees attended the course, 2 for refreshing their Continental B licenses (Henry Kothagoda and Mubarak Mochsin Abdat) and 23 for examination (9 from South Korea, 5 from Thailand, 4 from Taiwan and 5 from Singapore).
All participants expressed interest in all three competition systems of JJIF – Fighting, Duo and Ne-Waza.
On the theoretical test, 16 candidates obtained scores high enough to allow them to take part in the practical test.
The practical test for Duo & Fighting Systems was performed during a small tournament organized by the Ju-Jitsu Association (Singapore), while the Ne-Waza testing was performed on the last session of the course, with fighters from all four countries mentioned above.
Final remarks:
We found English to be a little problem for some of the persons attending the course, and maybe this explains the somewhat less than satisfactory results obtained by the South Korean team.
The instructors would like to thank all participants for the work done. We appreciate the effort made, the time spent and the passion expressed and we are sure that the following course will have a much more positive outcome.
We recommend to the new JJIF members, especially outside Europe, to hold national-level courses with one invited instructor from the JJIF, to hold training camps, allowing athletes, coaches and referees to familiarize themselves with the techniques of the ju-jitsu competition systems and to establish regional tournaments, providing the opportunity for both athletes and referees to increase their level of expertise.

With best regards,
Cory Vacarenco, Head Instructor
Joachim Thumfart
Dana Murgescu

JJIF Referee course
Iran, Tehran 10th to 13th September 2012

Given by Peter Smid and Cory Vacarenco

In a good ambiance we have given the course to 14 people, 10 male, 4 female. At our wish they had put the tables in the same place  next to the Tatami. In this way we could give also the examples during the theory part. The way of doing like this seems to be very practical. We could answer questions direct and with a “real picture”.
We divided the parts of the course in good harmony and used the Power Point presentation of Peter as a guide through the course.
For the practical of Duo and Fighting Peter took the lead with the back-up of Cory
For the Newaza Cory took the lead.
The language was in this course our greatest problem. There were 2 people that understood and talked English in a good way and 4 people could express them self’s in a English like way.
The results of the course:
•Duo and Fighting
☺5 national
☺3 regional
☺2 continental
☺2 national
☺1 regional
Names and ranking you’ll find in the schedule as attachment
We where very glad that we could give Asieh her diploma as Continental Referee because she was with it the first lady Continental
Referee of Asia.
From the 2 Continental referees we have the pictures as an attachment.
We (Peter and Cory) had great pleasure in giving the course together and state that we like to do this more.

With best regards
Peter Smid, Cory Vacarenco

Saint Raphael, France

Said Toufouti for Ne -waza
Henrik Sandberg for Fighting and Duo

In Saint Raphael there were 6 persons for the referee course and about 110 fighters.
It was perfect with so many fighters from different countrys and styles. The referee got a good
knowledge of the different style and what it will say when they are mixt in a fight.
Also in the referee group we war mix wail we have a referee from Senegal, Belgium and Denmark and us
the 2 intructors came from France and Denmark.
We use a lot of time in the dojo with the fighters, but also in the classroom we sweat together.
A new way of teaching referee and fighters was used ”The fighters hour”… and to know what is you must
come on the next referee course!

Best regards
JJIF Referee Director
Henrik Sandberg

The referees

As you maybe know have we in JJIF all information about the referees in a database!
From this base we select the referees for the different tournaments all regarding witch tournament we shall have like: EM, WM or World Game.
When the referees are working we have a ”observer” working and giving score for the work of the referees.
Meaning we know a lot about the Continental and the World referees, but nothing about the National referees!
That is why I send you all a mail asking for the no. of National referees in your country.
We have 763 national referees in JJIF, that I find very good!

On the next page you can see how it is split up….

No. of National referees in Member Countries.

33 referees

Ueli Zücher













Raffaele De Gennaro / Antonio Guarino

33 referees

Michail Poulikidis


Michael Paiser

Great Brithen
93 referees

Terry Parker

Bosnia Herzegovina

Jović Bojan

170 referees

Ralf Pheifer


Martin Jazbec


Franjo Begonja




Nabah Abdelhamid


Henrik Sandberg


Michel Dublon

Taiwan 62

Je-Fu Rau


Patrick Bastin


Roel van Ravens


Pol Willems


Nejib Farhat


Anna Padechowicz-Jezierska


António André Alves


Gregory Vallarino



Now I will end my report and look forward to see you all at the congress…
With my very best regards
Henrik Sandberg, JJIF Referee Director

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