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JIU-JITSU por la paz

 Peace-building Project in Colombia


1- Vision / Social Issues addressed / beneficiary populations

The government of Colombia is currently facing important challenges for its internal security and is trying to offer its young people (more than 40% of the total population are below 18) activities which are both healthy and carry positive values and prospects for the future.
While this is true for all young Colombians, it is even more so the neighbourhood of Ciudad Bolivar in the outskirts of Bogota, where unemployment is very high and where internally diplaced people are brought together.
In this area, the need for education and peace-building is tremendous and sport can definitely play a role to reach those objectives.

Jiu-Jitsu por la paz” is a project under the leadership of the Jiu-Jitsu National Federation that seeks to come to the assistance of vulnerable youngsters in Ciudad Bolivar
. Its objective is, by November 2014, to have helped more at least 50 vulnerable young people, having grown up in slums, to practice Ju-Jitsu at least twice a week in a structured environment where they can learn values that the street can’t teach them: respect for the rules and for others, tolerance, discipline, courage, effort, etc.
Moreover, beyond learning the values of Ju-Jitsu, this project also aims to enable unemployed youth to have access to basic education on crucial topics for Colombia, such as HIV- AIDS prevention, environmental protection, hygiene, democracy and citizenship.

Finally, over time, this project aims to enable these children to either (re)integrate into the scholar system or in the professional world according to their age and desire.
To do this, Peace and Sport will activate its networking platform and enable joint work between several different stakeholders:
NGO/Youth Centres that will literally pick up children off the street and introduce a social dimension,
National and International  Ju-Jitsu Federations, who will offer their expertise and know-how,
Schools that will make their premises available and with the education and the integration of young people,
Champions for Peace who will enable young people often in dire need of inspiration and benchmarks to identify with them,
Equipment providers
who will supply the necessary equipment,
And financial partners
who will provide the backing for the project.


2- Specific Objectives

Support NGOs / Youth Centers in their programs to use sport for peace education

Structured and supervised sports activities


October 2011

October 2012

October 2013

October 2014

Number of centers offering structured and supervised Ju-Jitsu activities





Number of participants

50 Minimum (40% girls)

50 Minimum (40% girls)

50 Minimum (40% girls)

50 Minimum (40% girls)

% Quality

80% Minimum

80% Minimum

80% Minimum

80% Minimum


Enable the Youth Center of Ciudad Bolivar to have access to Ju-Jitsu equipment.

Sports Instructors

Enable the Youth Center of Ciudad Bolivar to have a trained Ju-Jitsu instructor.

Activities to provide access to basic education

Number of participants taking part in activities providing access to basic education

(HIV-AIDS prevention, Environmental protection, etc.)

50 Minimum

50 Minimum

50 Minimum

50 Minimum

Social integration activities

% social integration
(% of participants going back to school or having a job).





Sustainable activities

% of self-financing of the NGOs/Youth Centers





Supporting the National Ju-Jitsu Federation’s peace-building through Ju-Jitsu program

*Give the Colombian Ju-Jitsu Federation the means to use one new center for its program that aims to promote Ju-Jitsu as an instrument for peace education.

*Do the necessary so that this project can be the starting point of a general national program, which aim at putting Ju-Jitsu at the service of peace, which Peace and Sport will assist.

Peace promotion

Organize events designed to show that Ju-Jitsu can play a role for peace, that aim to bring divided communities together through the values of Ju-Jitsu and encourage dialog between these communities.



3 - Where the project will take place

The location of the project “Jiu-Jitsu por la paz” will happen either in the premises of the organization “Colombianitos”, in schools who are partners of the project or in a gymnasium.

4 - Supervision of vulnerable youngsters
The educators who supervise the young people will either be chosen by the NGOs/Youth Centres/clubs involved or by the National Ju-Jitsu Federation. They will be trained by the International and National Federations and by Peace and Sport.

5 - Project stakeholders
“Jiu-Jitsu por la Paz” is a joint project representing several entities:


International partners



Peace and Sport


Coordination platform

Unites and coordinates the project stakeholders.
Provides tools for communication and marketing (e.g. Champion for Peace).
Provides tools and methodological training on how to make sport a tool for education to peace.
Monitoring and evaluation.



Sports Federation

Provides expertise concerning the practice of Ju-Jitsu.
Makes a contribution to project funding.
Facilitate the involvement of an equipment supplier and search for more partners with Peace and Sport.

Champion for Peace – Gregory Vallarino

Champion for Peace

Will inaugurate the project

Will help fundraising during the World Championships


Ju-Jitsu Equipment provider

Provides equipment



Investment fund / Mining industry

Makes a contribution to project funding.

Local Partners



Colombian Ju-Jitsu Federation

National Ju-Jitsu Federation

Trains and monitors the instructors

Joint project leader

NGO Colombianitos

Logo Colombianitos - con Fundación Colombianitos.jpg

NGO managing 7 Youth centers, 1 of which are involved in the project and described below.


Colombianitos Youth Center of Ciudad Bolivar

Logo Colombianitos - con Fundación Colombianitos.jpg

Youth Center, managed by the NGO Colombianitos, based in a violent suburb of Bogota (Ciudad Bolivar)

Respect of the quality  charter

Joint project leader





6-      Program Implementation Process
The process of implementing the “Jiu-Jitsu por la Paz” program is as follows:


Inventory /Calendar

1)      Identify local stakeholders (NGO/Youth Centre) that may cooperate with the Colombian Ju-Jitsu Federation or a club that wish to have a social dimension.


1 Youth Center has been identified, the youth center of Ciudad Bolivar, belonging to the NGO Colombianitos.

2)     Partnerships with local stakeholders


A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by October 10th 2011

3)      Identification of the socio-sports instructors

Instructors identification will be done by October 10th 2011

4)      Training of the socio-sports instructors 

Before October 10th  2011

5)      Awareness-raising and inscriptions of vulnerable youth in the targeted communities

Before October 10th 2011

6)      Program launching (inauguration by champion for peace to be decided).

October 10th

7)      Start of socio-educational activities


8)      Launch of social integration activities


9)      Start of activities for sustainability


10)   Modelling the program


 Note 1: At the beginning of each month, Peace and Sport will keep the project stakeholders informed about the progress of activities.
Note 2:
A comprehensive evaluation of the project will be made October 19th and 20th in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


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